I made a virtual impression (in Blender) of what Jay Leno’s garage could look like with some famous movie cars in it.

In order, from telft to right: Deloraen from Back to the future, Batmobile, Ghostbusters car and Skyfall's Aston Martin DB5..


Maybe a dedicated 'movie' wing is a good idea?

Model credits:
Batmobile: Blendswap user Xuan (blend 18504)
Ghost busters car: Blendswap user siciliano87 Ghostbusters car Ecto 1
Back to the future deloren: Blendswap user benjob Back to the future DMC DeLorean
Skyfall Aston Martin DB5: Arkady Kazaryan (Car Aston Martin DB5 N280611) archive3d.net

All other stuff: Me