Nice video with cool use of 16 multicopters, lightbeams an mirrors:


3D animation of three layers of graphene, rendered (realtime) on an iPad.
The (interactive) model was rendered realtime on an iPad in a custom app that is a spin-off of my 3D Model View App for iOS (see

Graphene consists of a single layer of carbon atoms in a hexagonal grid and has some exceptional material properties, it is therefore considered to be a potential 'wonder material'



The scenery file for the heli-x helicopter simulator has been updated, click the image above to download the zip.

This can be extracted in the resources/environments/SkyBox directory.

For those who want the 360x180 degrees image (I've heard you can use that in RealFlight, but I do not own that), you can download it
here (7232x3616)

The source photographs for this pano have been provided by FliteTest director Chad Kapper, thanks Chad!

For more info, see this thread

OK, added a PhoenixRC version, don't know if this is going to work:

click here